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We are a partnership-driven firm.
Four equal investment partners who work together in a lean team alongside a number of talented executives and venture partners.
Meet our core investment team below.
General Partner
Martin Rajcan
General Partner

I learned the importance of being resourceful early on. As a teenager, I spent many summers in Germany doing odd jobs in construction and carpentry. I managed to finance my high school studies in India and college in the US entirely through ‘minimum wage’ work and scholarships, and I am extremely grateful for the people who took a chance on me back then.

Sports has been a huge part of my identity. I played competitive sports from a young age. In tennis, I competed against eventual Grand Slam players and in ice hockey, I was on the first line of a team that produced two NHL veterans. I love the exhilaration of a tight match, the camaraderie among teammates, and the devotion that athletes and their supporters carry in their hearts.    

Resilience over efficiency. The wake-up call that was covid19 has demonstrated in dramatic fashion the need for people to gain resilience, both physical and mental. Resilience for our planet means primarily decarbonization, in particular technologies that enable electrification and more conscious consumption – topics I have a great deal of interest in.  

Everything I learned was because I screwed up. Some people learn from others’ mistakes, I had to make my own – repeatedly. Being the CFO of a fast-growing software start-up Priori Data, I made many costly rookie mistakes. I learned the hard way, and as a result I thoroughly empathise with how challenging it is to be a founder, especially a first-time one.

What matters most are strong relationships. Whether in personal life or at work, I strive to be transparent and non-judgmental. If I have any talent in life, it’s to spot exceptional individuals, and once I do see them, my hope is that we can over time form a relationship that withstands the test of time.

Individuals shape companies. Leaders are like community organizers: corralling, pushing, persuading, all the while inspiring people. I witnessed first-hand the strong leadership of a 50,000-employee firm at Morgan Stanley in the crisis of 2008, later on a 500-person firm at KKR led by its iconic co-founders, before I then became part of a handful of senior managers at Priori Data, and a veterinary care venture Tierarzt Plus Partner, both in Berlin.

My biggest professional joy is seeing our founders succeed in their missions and for our investors to reap exceptional returns on the capital they entrusted us. I love doing that together with my friends and colleagues at KAYA.

General Partner
Tomas Obrtac
General Partner

I joined Enern (KAYA’s predecessor) at the end of 2013 and just before Covid 19 hit, I lived on the road between Prague and Berlin. 

Since studying computer engineering, I have always been intrigued by technology. I spent two summer internships developing software for traders but later got lured into the world of finance in London.

I love supporting founders in the early stages of a company build-out. In particular, I like businesses that automate workflows, increase efficiency and connect otherwise disparate data in both consumer and enterprise segments. I am also passionate about proptech and how technology enables new ways of living & working. Right now I am exploring agritech and sustainable methods of farming and food production. In general I am curious about how stuff works and new things that advance us forward.

During my time at KAYA, I led investments into Nestpick, Supernova, Accomango and Wallmine among others.

Originally I am from Slovakia, although I feel at home pretty much everywhere with good food, interesting people and a working wifi. Prior to moving to Prague, I lived in London, Barcelona and Paris.

Most of my free time is spent doing activities with my feisty jack russell Chilli, including cycling and hiking in the summer and all types of skiing in the winter time. I am also an avid reader (Twitter & Kindle) but most importantly I enjoy having a great conversation and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Jakub Stracina

I'm interested in B2B Marketplaces and fintechs. I like projects that connect supply chains in novel ways and enable better trading and data exchange within industries.

Before looking for great founders to back with KAYA, I was doing investment and portfolio support work with Advent International. I learnt about financial modelling, M&A and all things finance at Deloitte. 

I love most things outdoor and mountains; hiking, cycling, skiing, fly-fishing and more. These guide my travels. I'm also a hobby chess player.

Investor & CMO
Ana Wolsztajn
Investor & CMO

Started off as a Copywriter before “Mad Men” TV show made it cool, I worked on top tier brands at DDB and McCann, to later leave it for a life of an entrepreneur. I saw the passion project come to life, faced challenges of the 2008 financial crisis as a business owner and learnt the hardships & joys of running a business.

After being headhunted to the international team taking part in the digital revolution at Adidas, I got to experience being on the client’s side of things, leading remote teams and working with departments distributed across the world (UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and Canada).

Since then, I have collaborated with a number of tech venture builders, collab centers, accelerators, and big event organisers (eg. SaaStock, Startup Sesame, SouthStart) in a variety of growth, product, marketing, and comms roles in mainland Europe, the UK, Asia, and Australia.

Active in the startup ecosystem, I enjoy sharing my experience as a mentor and business strategy advisor. I kept acting as a connector between the wider startup community and the world of venture capital and media as a freelance tech journalist first, and during my fellowship with Included VC.

Till I joined the dark force ;) 

First for the summer at Balderton and since October 2020 I’m back in Prague with my fantastic Included VC mentors at KAYA.

I believe that communication is key. That's why I help startups scale with the right story, and now also with the much needed resources and funding.

Happy to talk to fellow female, immigrant, neurodivergent founders (and all the other “odd ducks” like me). And as I'm a sci-fi geek, I'm especially interested in the future of... mobility, education, work, entertainment, and health.

General Partner
Tomas Pacinda
General Partner

I believe that success is driven by strong execution and perseverance of founding teams rather than unique ideas. That’s why I remain open minded to any 2.0 or 3.0 disruptions even in areas which may look oversaturated. While I am particularly interested in financial services, retail and real estate I am curious to discuss hard problems in any industry. 

Trends come and go! Rather than surfing the hype-wave I tend to follow solutions that can significantly improve the quality of humans’ life, in both private and professional areas. I love exploring new business models and innovative distribution strategies.

Since I joined KAYA (f.k.a. Enern) in 2015, I have helped develop investments in Twisto and Slevomat and led investments in Footshop, Intiaro and Nautal. Prior to joining venture capital, I spent a decade in finance, amongst others working for GE Capital in the areas of consumer finance and real estate.

Besides Prague where I am based with my family, I enjoy spending my time in Iberian region. Over any weekend you can find me enjoying (sport) activities with my 2 daughters.

General Partner
Pavel Mucha
General Partner

I love consumer businesses with particular interest in next-generation service providers and businesses with strong network effects. I led investments into DocPlanner, Booksy, Rohlik, or Slevomat. 

I work closely with businesses within continental Europe. As I like to say that I support teams born within 2-hour flight time.

I founded Enern Venture Capital in 2011 and continue as a General Partner of KAYA (successor of Enern VC).

Prior to partnership, I lived and worked in multiple locations such as San Francisco, or Moscow while with McKinsey & Company.

I live with my family in Prague. I painted for many years, now I'm learning to play piano and expand my horizons via executive education at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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